Shining Bright: Discover the Benefits of Solar Energy in San Diego

As of November 2022, SDG&E customers can get a rebate for $150 per kilowatt of battery storage installed. Based on our binding quotes, solar panels typically cost solar San Diego between $3 to $4 per watt in California. Sullivan Solar Power has installed more than 9,000 solar energy systems across San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties.

Shining Bright: Discover the Benefits of Solar Energy in San Diego

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On a San Diego rooftop, a typical 9.27kW system will produce approximately 14,461 kWh (kilowatt hours) of energy for your home every year. Business Customers can benefit from demand charge reductions and energy offsets while Residential Customers often can reduce their utility bills to about $150 per year. Take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credits while they are still being offered and give us a chance to serve you. We’ll provide you with the complete engineering, site design, and technical planning necessary to deliver your greatest return on investment.

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power that has gained popularity across the globe. In San Diego, solar energy is a smart choice for homeowners and businesses alike, offering numerous advantages over traditional forms of energy.

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One of the most significant benefits of solar energy is its environmental impact. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not produce harmful emissions that pollute the air and contribute to climate change. By utilizing solar energy, we can reduce our carbon footprint and help preserve the health of our planet for generations to come.

How Does Solar Work in San Diego?

Another advantage of solar energy is its cost-effectiveness. While the initial investment in solar panels may seem high, the long-term savings on your energy bills will quickly make up for it. With solar energy, you can generate your own electricity and decrease your reliance on expensive utility companies.

In addition to saving money on your energy bills, switching to solar energy can also increase the value of your property. Homes and businesses with solar panels installed are highly sought after, as they offer a unique selling point that sets them apart from the competition. This means that investing in solar energy can not only benefit you financially now but also pay off in the future if you decide to sell your property.

From small residential jobs to larger estates and the biggest commercial, municipal and government solar power projects, there isn’t a corner of Southern California where our crews haven’t worked. We are on a mission to lead a solar energy revolution and change the way this world generates electricity. This purpose drives us every day and motivates us to turn everyone we meet into solar power advocates. As a San Diego solar broker, Infinity Energy works with manufacturers to obtain the best prices on solar products to design and installation solar systems. A collection of awards and recognitions solidifies the company’s position as a top installer. The San Diego Business Journal recognized Daniel Sullivan as Most Admired CEO in 2013, and the company as the sixth fastest growing business in San Diego in 2010.

Furthermore, solar energy is a reliable source of power that is not subject to fluctuations in the price of oil or gas. By generating your own electricity, you can ensure a stable and consistent supply of power to your home or business, regardless of external factors.

Overall, solar energy is an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their impact on the environment, save money on utility bills, and increase the value of their property. With its many benefits, there’s no reason not to consider making the switch to solar energy in San Diego today.