Real Estate

A Guide: What’s Involved in Property Management?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of property managers, whether you’re interested in real estate as an investor, tenant, or simply inquisitive. But what exactly does a property manager do? Beyond what you would think, property managers frequently do much more than just…

Tech News

The Japanese Government Wants To Break Apple’s Monopoly On App Stores

Two years ahead of schedule, Transamerica ended its 10 year deal with TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES and is now planning to reduce its reliance on third party IT vendors. There is a challenge to the outsourcing business offered by Indian IT…

Tech News

Realme Is Disabling Enhanced Intelligent Services With A Software Update

For more than 65 years, PR Newswire has been the leader in the distribution of print, radio, magazine, television stations, financial portals and trade publications. PR Newswire has an unparalleled global reach of more than 200,000 publications and 10,000 websites…